Family Circle November 15, 1983 Collectible Magazine


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1980s Women’s Magazine Christmas gifts and recipes, a story by James Herriot, Dog Treats

“Do Dogs Have Souls” by James Herriott

“Best Selling Crafts from the Top 12 Yarn Companies” – afghans, doilies, baby blankets, and more
“Clothespins Dolls” directions
“Gifts to Make for Your Dog” directions
“Festive Christmas Stocking” directions
Buying tips from jewelers – what to look for in pearls and diamonds

“Shrink Your Size in Just Three Weeks Without Dieting” – exercises

Tips and recipe from winner of national cookoffs
“Food Gifts to Give” – Herb vinegars, relishes, candies, and more.
For Chocoholics – 12 recipe cards
A Plymouth Thanksgiving – Recipes based on Colonial feasts
Pot-Pie Recipes
“Blue-Ribbon Recipes”
Holiday Buffet Recipes

Ad: Halston, JCPenney Sweaters, Slacks

Good front cover – some color fading and diffusion, back cover – same with smudging. Very good inside pages’ text and images. Some page wave varying by sections. No missing pages. No mold or musty odor. Sold as is.


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