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WhatKnot Hats™“What kind of hat is that?” Uniquely Wearable Quality Yarns Handmade in Helena, Montana Knit, Crocheted. Wool, Cotton, Silk, Mohair, Acrylic Hats, Beanies, Headbands, Head Wraps, Legwarmers – Women’s, Men’s, Boys’, Girls’ – Track, Sledding, Skaters, Ski, Snowboard, Hiking, Workout, Dress – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall CREATED IN SMOKE-, PET-FREE SHOP. STANDARD & CUSTOM SIZING.SEARCH using sidebar product links, tags, & Google Custom Search box OR links here below: ALL SIZES FLEECE HATS, BEANIES, GAITERS WOMEN, GIRLS, BOUCLE KNIT HATS, BEANIESWOMEN, GIRLS, KNIT, CROCHETED BEANIES, HATS, HEAD WRAPSMEN, BOYS, KNIT, CROCHETED BEANIES, HATS, YARMULKEHS, KUFI Hand Washing BWHPandHKCo Wool Mohair Hats Wool self-cleans – soak for 10 minutes in warm water and low pH baby shampoo. Pour off or drain water. Squeeze hat out gently. Put in rinse water, submerge and squeeze water through hat to remove soap. Repeat in fresh water until soap is gone. Wrap in clean towel to absorb excess water. Lay flat on towel in original shape to dry. Never twist, wring, or agitate in water.

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