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Art Prints from an Epson system. Collectibles & Useful Items as they come to hand or require new owners. Hats, beanies, headbands and head wraps, newly hand knit or crocheted. Fleece beanies and gaiters. Limited edition prints of a painting by Mel Gerhold – Surveying in the Sandhills, 1904.

This started as a winter cottage business. When April arrives, so does Farmers’ Market and baking. Lately the two businesses have not been keeping to their corners. The cupcakes have frosting with Aran designs, there are spring hats to make, and it is not possible to get much knitting done without testing a cinnamon roll first. It keeps one person very busy and is a company because it springs from many sources.  I hope you find “something or things” here that you choose to own or give as gifts.  KCR


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About Antique Art Reproduction Prints

Pre-21st Century Masterpieces:Classical, Western, Historical, American, British, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, French. Impressionist, Hudson River School, Naive, Primitives. Frescoes, Oil Paintings, Watercolors. Landscapes, Portraits, Still Lifes.

Inkjet art prints from photographs or scans of paintings by artists from bygone times reproduce the original paintings: colors, lines, and shapes, as well as stains, scratches, blemishes, and tears.

With some remarkable qualities: Inkjet printers lay down colors more richly than traditional lithographic processes. Even medium quality scanned images give a wonderful view of the artist’s work. When high-resolution, accurate digital images are available, inkjet art prints reflect back to the viewer the vivid, fresh colors and clear lines the artist would have seen when he or she stepped back from a newly completed painting.

Printed from 6-color dye-based print system,

Using best available inks on archival paper tested to last 25 to 200 years.

Hand-trimmed and fitted to frame with minimal or no cropping.

Produced and framed in home shop & offered by printmaker. Not a resale.

Frames may be new, restored, recycled, custom-made: oak, rosewood, french-polished hardwood, pine, plaster, poplar, willow, metal, or plastic.

Please Note: Wood frames and glass covers marked as basic are inexpensive. They showcase and protect the print, making a classic work of art viewable at an affordable price. The prices for these framed pieces may be lower than average by 33% to 50% or more. Buyer may transfer to mat and frame of choice.

To preview the print colors and paper of full-size antique art reproduction prints, consider ordering postcard miniatures. Postcards are full-color, on the same archival matte paper used for prints, with legend and address sections on back. Click on link to order.https://blueandwhitehousepubandhkco.com/products-page/antique-art-reproduction-prints/a-antique-art-reproduction-prints-postcards/