Dear Abby,

A Top 10 Father’s Advice for My Beloved Girl:

Always listen before you speak. Especially to coaches and instructors.
In groups of people, be the most interested person, not the most interesting.
If you don’t understand something, ask questions until you do.
Be assertive without being aggressive or dismissive. You are going into the world where you’re going to be your own, best advocate. Be there for yourself!
Work harder than you ever thought possible! You are in the prime of your life, now! Take advantage of your mental and physical gifts!
Be true to your teammates. They will become lifelong friends.
Never trust boys in college. They are crazy at this age and have zero idea what they’re doing.
Remember, even when you’re enraged, the way you communicate matters! We’ve talked about how to use different words and tones to defuse, oblige, agree, parlay. Use this skill every day in everything you do.
Don’t act great, be great.
Never forget the unwavering love we have for you, here at home.

—Jase Webb, August 2023, Olympia, Washington

Copyright © 2023 by Jase Webb. All Rights Reserved.
Published by permission of the Author and Daughter.
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