Woman’s Day June 16, 1987 Collectible Magazine


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1980s Magazine Patterns Crocheted, Pieced Afghans, Window Boxes, DIY Lattice Projects, Tortillas History and Recipes, Yogurt Strawberry Mousse

Lattice Gazebo – Materials List and Directions, Diagram
Three Afghans – Flower Basket, Victorian Flower, Triangle Patchwork – Done in pieces and joined – Directions
Throw Pillows – Direction and pattern
Window Boxes – Directions

Recipes: Summer Yogurt Desserts
Cook Better and Faster – Tips from Maggie Waldron
15-Minute Curried Pork with Vegetables, Oriental Beef and Cabbage + 2 more
Microwaved Chinese Dishes

Front cover – good color, scuffing, diffusion, water stain. Back cover – fading, water staining, scuffing. Very good color inside pages’ text and images. Heavy waving, page yellowing, some water staining throughout. No mold or musty odor. Sold as is.

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