Oh Baby So Light Knit Beanie Cowl Neckwrap Headband Set


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Oh So Light Knit Beanie and Cowl Neckwrap
Carefree, Featherlight Baby Yarn and Colors for an Oh, Baby! Look.

Thick, cotton wrapped yarn handknit into a go-anywhere beanie and cowl neckwarmer.  Reversible. Mix with jackets, sweaters, tops & leggings, jeans, cropped pants, skirts, dresses, indoors and out.

Wear as Mother-Daughter set, cowl as a headband for Mom, beanie for Daughter. Request custom child beanie and adult headband sizes and prices by email or phone, $24 to $34.

Small: Beanie, 19″ circumference, stretches to approx. 21 1/2″. Approx. 6 1/2 ” height. Cowl: 23″. $32.00 + shipping.

Medium: Beanie, 21″, stretches to approx. 23 1/2″. Approx. 7 1/2″ height. Cowl, 25″ . $38.00 + shipping.

Large: Beanie, 24″, stretches to approx. 26 1/2″. Approx. 8 1/2″ height. Cowl, 27″ $42.00 + shipping.

Colors: Light Green, Rose Pink, Peach Pink, Periwinkle Blue, Blue Green, Cream, White, Pale Buttery Yellow

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