Wine Red Knit Beanie Hat Double Thick Men’s Women’s


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Wine Red Knit Beanie Hat Double Thick
Men’s, women’s, teens’ size – ski, skating, skater, dress – perfect for Valentine’s Day.

One Only.

Hand knit in the round with double strands of yarn. No back seam.  Small stitches for tight surface, snug fit on head. Six-arm ray pattern, and 3/4-inch circle opening at top. Stretchy band section for comfortable fit around forehead and neck. Reversible to crochet appearance.

Caron 100% polyester yarn. Machine wash and dry.

Men’s small to medium. Women’s medium to large. Worn down to neckline or level across ears. 23 1/2″ circumference stretches to 25″.  Height, 8  inches.

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Weight 10 oz