Knit Beanie Brioche Hat Golden Oak Red Black Mahogany

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Knit Beanie Brioche Hat in honey gold, red and black mahogany colors in boys’, teens’, men’s sizes. Acrylic/Polyester or wool mohair/Icelandic Lopi; doubled yarn. Reversible.

Cushiony, thick, warm, and light. The brioche stitch creates a double-knit effect with less weight. Knit in the round. No back seam.

Brown Sheep Wool Mohair (permanently moth-proofed) and Icelandic Lopi 100% virgin wool – The look of basket weave – and, due to the Lopi yarn, a stiff, coarse feel. Lopi yarn is famously warm, long-wearing, and resistant to moisture, but sheds somewhat like sisal. The fleece beanie adds warmth and softness.

Sizes may vary by 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Measure around head, at bottom of ears, nape of neck and close to eyebrows. Use this measure to choose correct circumference.
Small: 19″ circumference stretches to 21″. 8.25″ height.
Medium: 21″ circumference stretches to 23″. 9″ height.
Large: 23″ circumference stretches to 25″. 10″ height.
Extra Large: 25″ circumference stretches to 27″. 11″ height.

Acrylic/Polyester is machine washable in warm water. Tumble dry on low. Hand wash and dry flat for best results.

Hand Washing BWHPandHKCo Wool Hats – Wool self-cleans – soak for 10 minutes in warm water and low pH baby shampoo. Pour off or drain water. Squeeze hat out gently. Put in rinse water, submerge and squeeze water through hat to remove soap. Repeat in fresh water until soap is gone. Wrap in clean towel to absorb excess water. Lay flat on towel in original shape to dry. Never twist, wring, or agitate in water.

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Acrylic, Wool