Scrubbies Crocheted Nylon Tulle Net

For Kitchen, Bath, Shop: Hardworking and attractive nylon scrubby two-packs.

Enough, but not too much scratch for wiping out non-stick pans in seconds. Tulle scrubbies catch small spots and angles that washcloths and rougher nylon net miss.

Perfect for cleaning cupcake pans, bath sinks, feet that have been in sandals, crafts, . . .

Blue Grape, Orange Peach, Pistachio Green, Cream Ecru, Beige Pink. For more info. and to order, click the photo.

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Scrubbies Dish Cloths Matching Sets

scrubby scrubbies sparkle dishcloth red gray blue purple orange

Scrubbies and Dishcloths Made from Scrubby Sparkle Yarn by Red Heart and 100% Cotton Yarn. Gray, blue, red, purple gifts for the kitchen!

Cleanup helpers in shiny colors for the non-stick, aluminum, stainless steel cookware, and more, in your home or business.

Click on photos for more info. and to order.


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Rediscovering Treasures

The Grand Canal, Venice by Thomas Moran, 1903

The Clock Turned Back – Digital Inkjet Prints from Photos of the Originals and Old Prints – with the Vibrant Colors of Art Newly Painted by the Masters.


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Crocheted Beanies Hats Spring Green Bean Celery String, Rose Buds, Tendril

Crocheted Beanie Hat Celery Short Brim Reversible

Slouchy, ski-, and short-style beanies. Ease-into-winter light, so soft, crocheted acrylic hats for girls, teens, women. Yarn selected for softness, washability. Airy look, warm brims that keep firm shape without stiffness: short, fold-up brim, double folded. Click on photo to browse the collection.


The Moose Hunt by Frederic Remington, ca. 1890

The Moose Hunt by Frederic Remington, ca. 1890


What is the world is coming to? They took him under the white glare of 240 pairs of 10-foot fluorescent lights. It could have been revenge, but none of us knows. That’s the way it is here. They never tell us anything. So we have to piece things together.

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Beef Stew Recipe Non-Gluten No Potatoes No Peppers No Corn No Soy

There are no tomatoes in this recipe either. Like any stew, it has lots of room for substitution and variation. It doesn’t require a thickener because the vegetables absorb the extra liquids. The thin gravy is full of rich meat flavor.

1/2 to 1 lb. cross-rib roast meat. Trim fat and cut into 3/4 to 1-inch cubes.

Slice onion into slivers – quantity to suit – 3/4 cup is a good beginning. Brown in large . . . → Read More: Beef Stew Recipe Non-Gluten No Potatoes No Peppers No Corn No Soy

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